Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fake Gloomy Gloves and Hats

Thank you Ashley for your email and tip of these fakes!

Sorry everybody, I've been very busy trying to better my life.
School and all that stuff.

Who in their right mind thought these were a good idea?

lol Well here they are!


What I find very interesting is the new convincing tag.

However since they are a counterfeit factory, they have to cut costs
somewhere, and that shows with the tag. It seems they printed both sides of the tag but on seperate cards, and then pinned them both together.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gloomy "Graduation" Fakes

haha these are pretty hilarious.

I believe they are the same fake plushes we've all seen

but now someone has dressed them up
and trying to pass them as something new

There's nothing like "Congratulations, I got you a
fake gift for your achievement" like this.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fake Arm Paws [Repost!]


haha sorry I was a bit slow on this.
There are three editions of the Authentic Arm Paws

If I got anything wrong, feel free to mail me :)


The first was done by Cubeworks.

I don't know the year, can anyone help?
Came in Pink for the left arm and Bloody for the right arm

Authentic Total Count: 2

this year, 2009, funnypulse released a Bloody Arm Paw
This is the Second Edition and only comes in Bloody.
Purchased HERE.

Authentic Total Count: 2 + 1 = 3

(Photos from eBay seller, springun)

And lastly Taito released their versions, the third edition.
This time in colors: Bloody Pink, Bloody Orange and Bloody Purple
and with Hard Plastic Claws

Authentic Total Count: 3 + 3 = 6

(Photo from

There are in total 6 Authentic.
The many listed on eBay, which are shown in the very first picture
are indeed shabby fakes and should be treated as so.

Beware of Convincing Fakes

This guy caught my eye on eBay, looks very close
What's wrong?

1. Seller is listing a lot of other fake Gloomys.
2. Ears have no folds.
3. Tag looks like a folded kind.

Be very careful with listing like this, where the photo is taken
from such an angle that could hide flaws.

Even if a real stock photo is uploaded, with no other photos
Ask the seller to provide extra photos before bidding.


Please stop bidding on those
k thanks. hahaha

Gloomy Accessories now online!

The Gloomy Accessories I found earlier on now available on Hot Topic's Website!

Gloomy Bear Earrings 6 Pair

$10.00 USD

SKU: 595648

Gloomy Bear Rubber Body Necklace

$12.00 USD
SKU: 595580
Details: 18 inches long with 4 inch
adjustable extender, Base Metal

Gloomy Bear Pony-o 8 Pack
$5.00 USD
SKU: 595077
Gloomy Bear Glitter Ring
$8.00 USD
SKU: 595039
Details: Plastic

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gloomy Bear Accessories in Hot Topic

I visited my local mall today and guess what I found at Hot Topic?!?!
Gloomy Accessories!

The following accessories were found:

(Sorry for the crappy cellphone photos,

I'll get better ones when I buy them)

A) Plastic Gloomy Bear Head Blue Glitter Ring

B) Metal Gloomy Head Necklace

C) Gloomy Earring Set
(small metal rings and a jelly small baby Gloomy in Box)

D) Jelly Gloomy Necklace with joints so he moves

E) Small Bracelet Pack
I think some were fabric type and others Jelly

I'll be sure to come back to get all the info for you guys
such as the manufacturer, price and item numbers

I don't know if they will be available on Hot Topic's website:
But you can check back every once and a while.

I missed out on the Gloomy perfume that Hot Topic had months ago
I was waiting for it to go on clearance, and I missed them. :(
So, I'll be sure to buy these right away

They aren't exact Gloomy products straight from Mori himself
They are a licensed, so they are official but are made by a independent company

The quality is the same about Hot Topic's other products
which are made by the same company; pretty cheap, but it's real
Gloomy products in the United States for once. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Fake HK X Gloomy

Despite Neon Green being my favorite color, this fake is a big no-no.

The counterfeiters have released a green and a grey
of the same fake HK X Gloomys I posted earlier.

Again, the only real versions are the normal Pink and the Hokkaido Purple:

Photos of the Authentic HKxGloomy above are
from trusted and authentic eBay seller ailillui


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fake Arm Paws

The new victim of counterfeits: The Gloomy Arm Paws
The following are the real products:

Photos are from Taito's website and flickr member lemontuned

The one from Taito's website may be a prototype. So the only possible colors for these are the Bloody Pink, Pink and Bloody Purple. There is an older edition that came out years ago, that was one arm that was Bloody and the other was Plain. I believe it is the one pictured with lemontuned.




What bothers me the most is that the eBay member, ectransfer, has a Power Seller button and 99.5% positive feedback for COUNTERFEIT products! I don't know about their other products, but since they produce Fake Gloomy Bears, why would their other items be legit?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fake HK X Gloomy

Sorry I haven't been updating much!

Thank you to chinabayou from the Gloomy
Bear Livejournal Group for pointing these out!

This collaboration collection has been highly popular.
There's no doubt why counterfeiters would want to cash in.
The only real versions are the normal Pink and the Hokkaido Purple:

Photos of the Authentic HKxGloomy above are
from trusted and authentic eBay seller ailillui


Friday, July 24, 2009

Ah! Chack X Disney shirt

As part of Tokyo Disney's clothing line D24, Mori designed this shirt.
For those who don't know, I am just as obsessed with Disney as I am with Gloomy
The combination makes me go CRAZY!
If anyone can buy me one, I'd love you forever hahaha

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Speaking of Hello Kitty...

I was Downtown today, so I visited my local Sanrio shop.

Still to my suprise the counterfeit Gloomys are still on the shelves.
Click HERE and HERE to visit my previous posts on this matter

I asked an employee, I should have done this before but I have now, to pull them from the shelves. The employee told me that her manager would have to deal with it, so I gave her the blog address.


Sorry for not being on as much. Super busy!!

I finally got time to check the store and they pulled them

Thanks! :D

Hello Kitty X Gloomy Re-release

Due to the popularity and success of Gloomy X Hello Kitty, Mori is re-releasing the pieces in purple.
Again, this collection is only available to Japan, but of course some pieces can be found online later.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fake Pandatone

EDIT: I've declared these fake
They are listed as 10cm with a strap and "suction cup" attached with the tag pinned on the ear.
The actual Pandatone plush are 13cm with the tag near the tail.


Photo from Cubeworks Lineup

Photo by Ailillui

Fake Keychains

The 5 inch keychains look kinda close to the real things
Be careful!

REAL: Official Cubeworks Lineup
Although this colorway isn't shown in the Cubeworks inventory image, it looks spot on and could be an exclusive according to the tag. If you have any information, feel free to contact me!

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