Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Chax Website!

The Chax website has been updated and looks amazing!

I reccomend checking it out!
Wow, just wow! I'm very impressed and enjoying it!

Not only does it have an awesome introduction video
but also contains a gallery full of Mori's Gloomy illustrations and animations!

The "about" section also has Mori's viewpoint written out in both Japanese and English

Amazing! :D

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mori Chack addresses Fakes in his blog.
Click on the photos to enlarge

I used Yahoo Babel Fish translator, which isn't 100% correct
But it shows him stating its is the "copy"

Shocking Discovery!

Today, I was at the mall and was in the Sanrio shop.

Guess what I found?

FAKE Gloomys!

It was apalling to find them there.

I took out my phone and took some photos for you guys.
It was pretty hilarious as an employee came up to me seconds after
and said "Is that your last photo? We don't allow that here, can you please stop?"

I then asked where they got thier shipment from, The lady told me Japan which I knew then that she had no clue.
She then asked if I was asking who the creater was and where he's from.

I don't have anything that uploads a mini SD card but I'll try and get the photos up.

New Fake Animal Print Gloomys


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