Monday, September 28, 2009

Gloomy Bear Accessories in Hot Topic

I visited my local mall today and guess what I found at Hot Topic?!?!
Gloomy Accessories!

The following accessories were found:

(Sorry for the crappy cellphone photos,

I'll get better ones when I buy them)

A) Plastic Gloomy Bear Head Blue Glitter Ring

B) Metal Gloomy Head Necklace

C) Gloomy Earring Set
(small metal rings and a jelly small baby Gloomy in Box)

D) Jelly Gloomy Necklace with joints so he moves

E) Small Bracelet Pack
I think some were fabric type and others Jelly

I'll be sure to come back to get all the info for you guys
such as the manufacturer, price and item numbers

I don't know if they will be available on Hot Topic's website:
But you can check back every once and a while.

I missed out on the Gloomy perfume that Hot Topic had months ago
I was waiting for it to go on clearance, and I missed them. :(
So, I'll be sure to buy these right away

They aren't exact Gloomy products straight from Mori himself
They are a licensed, so they are official but are made by a independent company

The quality is the same about Hot Topic's other products
which are made by the same company; pretty cheap, but it's real
Gloomy products in the United States for once. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

More Fake HK X Gloomy

Despite Neon Green being my favorite color, this fake is a big no-no.

The counterfeiters have released a green and a grey
of the same fake HK X Gloomys I posted earlier.

Again, the only real versions are the normal Pink and the Hokkaido Purple:

Photos of the Authentic HKxGloomy above are
from trusted and authentic eBay seller ailillui


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fake Arm Paws

The new victim of counterfeits: The Gloomy Arm Paws
The following are the real products:

Photos are from Taito's website and flickr member lemontuned

The one from Taito's website may be a prototype. So the only possible colors for these are the Bloody Pink, Pink and Bloody Purple. There is an older edition that came out years ago, that was one arm that was Bloody and the other was Plain. I believe it is the one pictured with lemontuned.




What bothers me the most is that the eBay member, ectransfer, has a Power Seller button and 99.5% positive feedback for COUNTERFEIT products! I don't know about their other products, but since they produce Fake Gloomy Bears, why would their other items be legit?

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